Chawne Kimber: A Sew Black live episode

Start of the show. 0:09

  • Welcome to stitch please, official podcast of black women's stitch.
  • Black women at quilt con.
  • Finding a safe place from her heart to land.
  • Quilting as a way to escape mathematics.
  • What does “I miss hope” bring to me? 3:33
    • The scale of I miss hope.
    • The frustration and tension of following the news.
    • The intersection of quilting and activism.
    • The process of creating a statement quilt.
  • Defining risks as risks. 8:38
    • Risks in her work and how she defines them.
    • Being featured by scholastic.
    • Being a Scholastic Book Fair girl.
  • Black girl math magic. 12:56
    • The Black girl math magic subscription box.
    • The Renwick museum acquisition process.
    • All makers except hetero white males.
    • The call from the Renwick curator.
  • America owns my quilt. 18:05
    • America owns her quilt.
    • The poker metaphor, bet on yourself and win.
    • Bipac quilters are being relegated to a separate category.
    • The binary of beautiful quilts and statement quilts.
  • How she thinks about balance in her work. 22:22
    • The 10th anniversary of quilt con.
    • How quilting has changed over the last decade.
    • A scene from Amadeus.
    • Balance between texture and the overall aesthetic of the piece.
  • How to leave space without leaving space? 25:57
    • How to quilt with an out-of-focus line.
    • How Instagram is controlling quilting.
    • Small pieces of art on a wall.
    • Creating a quilt for instagram.
  • The words “I can't breathe” 29:38
    • Chawne makes the words to express his thoughts.
    • The title of the episode, patchwork to power.
    • Black women's liberatory stitching traditions.
    • Power, liberation and process of stitching quilts.
  • The power of the needle and needle. 34:12
    • The power of the needle and needle.
    • Words of wisdom for the interviewee.
    • Take care of yourself and your health.
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Hosted by Lisa Woolfork

Lisa is a fourth-generation sewing enthusiast who learned to sew while earning a PhD in African American literature and culture. She has been sewing for more than twenty years while also teaching, researching, and publishing in Black American literature and culture.