200th Episode Celebration

Join us in celebrating a monumental milestone – Black Women Stitch's 200th Episode!

As Black Women Stitch embarks on a remarkable journey of growth and empowerment, we invite you to be part of our 200th Episode Campaign. This is more than a celebration – it’s a commitment to advancing the principles of Black liberation, self-determination, and joy. Together, let’s reflect on our achievements, ignite momentum, and provide the resources necessary to propel Black Women Stitch into its next transformative phase.

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Weekly Campaign

A Four-Week Celebration: Stitching Liberation

Join us on a journey through four weeks of reflection, as we celebrate the 200th episode of Stitch Please with themes of transformation, gratitude, abundance, and creative.

Week 4 - Create

In the final week of celebrating the 200th episode of Stitch Please, join us as we focus on creation and capacity building, igniting empowerment through crafting.

Empowerment Through Crafting

As we conclude this transformative four-week journey, we turn our spotlight to creation and capacity building. Dive into the essence of crafting as a means of empowerment, community, and self-expression in celebration of our milestone 200th episode.

Crafting the Future

Engage in our special promotion that rewards you with two tickets to an exclusive after-party Q&A, meetup, and stitch-up experience. Explore the joy of creativity with free downloadable patterns or your own projects. Stitching has been a tool for liberation and recalibration, and your support in building capacity ensures that this vital narrative continues.

Shape Our Legacy: Build Capacity

As we close this chapter, consider being a part of shaping the legacy of Black Women Stitch. Your contribution empowers us to continue uplifting voices, stories, and creativity for generations to come.

Week 3 - Abundance/ Amplify/ Elevate

Join us in the dynamic third week of celebrating Stitch Please’s 200th episode. Step into a realm of abundance as we focus on Patreon growth, amplify voices, and elevate our community.

Unlocking Creative Abundance

Week 3 invites you to explore the concept of abundance and amplification. Discover the power of Patreon growth, propelling us towards a future where creativity and empowerment flourish.

Elevating Voices and Stories

Engage with exclusive episode videos, get sneak peeks into Lisa’s upcoming book, and stay connected with behind-the-scenes updates. As we continue amplifying stories and experiences within the crafting world, we build a beloved community that embraces and elevates Black voices. 

Experience the journey of abundance, amplify narratives, and elevate voices with us. 

Week 2 - Gratitude

Step into a realm of gratitude and empowerment as we commemorate the 200th episode of Stitch Please and delve into the far-reaching impact of Black Women Stitch.

Discover the Heart of Community

In this second week of our four-week series, we spotlight the stories of gratitude that have blossomed within Black Women Stitch. From navigating challenges to finding strength, this community serves as a haven where Black women, girls, and femmes share their growth and experiences.

Your Story, Our Tapestry

Participate in our Instagram-focused activities by sharing your journey – the lessons learned, the newfound empowerment, and the doors that have opened through Black Women Stitch. Your unique voice adds richness to our collective story of empowerment and transformation.

Together, we amplify voices, inspire change, and cultivate gratitude. 

Week 1 - Transformation

Discover the story behind Black Women Stitch’s genesis as a haven for creativity and community. Join us in celebrating the 200th episode of Stitch Please as we dive into the theme of transformation. Learn how this movement, born from resilience and healing, is stepping into a new phase of growth and impact. Explore opportunities to support, engage, and share.

Unveil the origins of Black Women Stitch and its founder’s journey through adversity to create a space where Black women’s voices and creativity shine. Explore how transformation is woven into the fabric of this community and how you can be a part of driving positive change. Engage with the campaign, participate in giveaways, and join us in shaping the future of Black Women Stitch.

Together, we sew, transform, and thrive.

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Support Black Women Stitch!

Empower creativity, unity, and change by contributing to Black Women Stitch, a beacon of empowerment, creativity, and social justice in the sewing and maker community.

Please contribute to Black Women Stitch and help us continue uplifting Black voices, fostering creativity, and driving social change in the sewing community and beyond. Your donation directly supports our mission of empowerment, unity, and Black liberation. Together, we stitch a brighter future.


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