Threads Across Time with Sarah Bond

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Learn more about Sarah!

Trailer for Quilt Show episode aired June 20

Article on the Schweinfurth Exhibit.  

Her exhibit at the Schweinfurth.  

Learn WITH Sarah! THIS WEEK!

Her online class at the Schweinfurth. Coming up July 31-Aug 1.  STARTS THIS SATURDAY!

Sign up for Sarah's in-person class at the ATLANTA QUILT FESTIVAL --August 20, 2021  Learn to create a dynamic quilt with movement and a touch of three-dimensional illusion by combining color and contrast with angles and orientation. Master quilter Sarah Bond will teach you how to make her Diamond Stairstep quilt. The class will be held at Southwest Arts Center, 915 New Hope Road, Atlanta, GA 30331 from 10 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.



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