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Jessica explains her approach to her work-sewing balance this way. "I take my job very seriously because I know the profound impact my words have on people's lives and outcomes. So, everyday I get to be a Therapist is a day that is both meaningful, and heavy to me. Sewing, on the other hand provides me with the freedom to be myself. It gives me a space to make mistakes and say exactly what I have to say, in the way I want to say it without consequence. That experience is so meaningful to my emotional and mental health. I have been a Marriage and Family Therapist, in private practice for 10 years By far, branching out on my own to become an entrepreneur of a sustainable business has been an awe inspiring event for me. Over the years, I/my business has been featured in publications like Parenting Magazine, Heart and Soul magazine, Counseling Today magazine, but my greatest accomplishment is the work that happens behind closed doors, with my people. I have only been sewing for 5 years but my sewing journey has provided me with so many opportunities to learn who I really am through the process of building my own self-esteem. I never would have imagined that 5 years ago, when my client gifted me an old sewing machine of hers, that I would become a Janome maker, be featured in Sewn magazine, have an opportunity to speak on a sewing related podcast or even become a coalition member of Black Makers Matter. I have learned that my perspective matters and I don't want to squander the opportunity to positively affect people, either through sewing or through my therapeutic intervention. To me, there is nothing more meaningful than that!"

Her upcoming project is the relaunch of Relationship Rocket Science: I am so excited to be relaunching my Relationship Rocket Science brand which is geared toward teaching people how to create the lives they want through their relationships. I am an educator at heart, so it is very important to me that my people walk away from me with tools and skills that will allow them to execute what they have learned successfully. For this reason, I will soon be releasing a series of workbooks that will address healing oneself, communication skill building and, dating and marriage tools for success. I realize that I cannot be everyone's therapist, so I'm using Relationship Rocket Science to touch as many people as I can in a variety of ways. I love to answer people's questions about love and all kinds of relationships, so My Relationship Rocket Science advice column podcast is in the planning stages and will be up and running soon. I'm so excited about all of it!

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Hosted by Lisa Woolfork

Lisa is a fourth-generation sewing enthusiast who learned to sew while earning a PhD in African American literature and culture. She has been sewing for more than twenty years while also teaching, researching, and publishing in Black American literature and culture.