Soulful Stitchers and More with Diane Roney

Welcome back stitchers! Today host Lisa Woolfork interviews Diane Roney, a quilter, sewist, and graphic AI artist. Diane shares her sewing journey, including her first outfit at the age of 68. She also discusses her brand, Diane Roney Creates, which encompasses various creative endeavors. Diane talks about her Soulful Stitchers coloring book and the process of creating it. What does it take to be a multi-hyphenate creative? Why does a jumpsuit bring so much joy? Why do Brother printers keep everything extra proprietary? Diane and Lisa get into all of this and more!


  • Don’t let fear hold you back from pursuing your passion for sewing.
  • Embrace your creativity and explore different artistic mediums.
  • Share your knowledge and help others in their creative journey.
  • Be patient and celebrate the successes of others, knowing that your time will come.










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Hosted by Robert Payne