Rashida Coleman Hale: Sew Black Live

This episode of the Stitch Please podcast features Naomi Johnson as host interviewing guest Rashida Coleman Hale and Lisa, live at the Modern Quilt Guild’s 10th anniversary QuiltCon event in Atlanta. Lisa explains her motivation for attending QuiltCon for the first time and shares her excitement over the increased representation of Black women and Black-owned businesses at the event. Rashida discusses debuting her new fabric line and the emotional experience of seeing Black women wearing and excited about her fabrics. The hosts share their “fangirl” moments meeting renowned Black quilters like Latifah Saafir in person.

They also discuss Lisa’s intentionality about who she chooses to collaborate with for Black Women Stitch projects, and her realization that suffering through unpaid work would not dismantle capitalism or white supremacy – but taking resources to support Black women’s crafts could. The hosts and Rashida share advice on self-care and “getting your stitch together” during difficult times. The episode celebrates community, ancestral crafts, collaboration, and joyful spaces for Black women quilters.
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