Notion Commotion with Miss Celie’s Pants

Get your stitch together for BlackTOBER! Check out  the following classes and custom fabric options. 

Yes YOU can make a bra! Nikki G, Sewing my style

Yes YOU can acid dye fabric for that bra! Deborah Grayson, @colorfulfindings

Yes YOU can buy holiday fabrics with Black people on it! Queenora Renee Fabrics

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Learn more about Renee on her social media channels! 

She has been social sewing via her Miss Celie's Pants blog and for about 15  years and on Instagram for seven. Currently, she is  also a temp editor with Sewcialists. Some people might recognize her as an occasional model for Cashmerette Patterns. She has modeled the Holyoke maxi dress, Ipswich Swimsuit, and the Tobin Sweater.

A few months ago, Renee wrote about being Black and how it shaped the way she presented herself in the sewing community and why.  Here's a link to that blog entry.

Check out Renee and Lisa's SEWING NOTIONS VERZUZ. 

Which do YOU think is best in each category?

Category:  Cutting 

Renee: Bird In Hand  vs.  Lisa: Pattern Weights

Category: Marking 

Renee: ChacoLiner  vs.  Lisa: Frixion Colors

Category: Pressing  

Renee: Ham Holder vs. Lisa: Clover Hot Ruler Perfect Press

Category: Presser Feet 

Renee: 1/4inch foot vs Lisa: Stitch In the Ditch foot (I said "topstitch" but was describing  a foot with a stitch guide built in the center)

BONUS CATEGORY: The Notion that Defies All Categories

Renee: Seam Gauge  vs  Lisa: Fasturn Tube Turning Se


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