Black Fae Day! with Jasmine LaFleur and Kia Sangria

May 14th Is Black Fae Day. Learn more about this delightfully Black festive holiday from its founder and principal organizer Jasmine LeFleur and Kia Sangria, a 2022 ambassador. Both are visionary joy practitioners within the Black Fae community, a platform and annual event that increases the positive visibility of Black people in mainstream fantasy. These women are joining the Stitch Please podcast to share their journey with cosplay, what influenced them to get involved in making costumes, and how they turned their creative passion into an annual event for other Black cosplayers. This opened up the conversation as we talked about the perceived barrier of entry to cosplay, how a few stitches allow cosplayers to be whoever they want, and why the spirit of cosplay and spreading black joy through Black fantasy and fairytales are so powerful.We also touched on how they provide a community that welcomes and supports Black people in their quest to be their most authentic selves. They also spoke on the play and wonder that adults indulge in through cosplay and the importance of leading by example so kids know they can be and do whatever they want.This episode is an absolutely beautiful story of creativity and community and how the energy and love that goes into making costumes can be a part of a larger pattern. Sign up for the Black Women Stitch quarterly newsletter

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Hosted by Robert Payne