Art and Fashion Design: Sahara Clemons

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Learn more about Sahara Clemons!

Sahara Clemons is a multimedia artist, designer and activist born in Washington, D.C., and based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Playing with both the traditional and unconventional, Clemons creates paintings on wood and fabric, wearable art and fashion design. Her work confronts interpersonal and intersectional concepts and provides commentary on the historic, political and social trauma of people of color and its effect on shaping identity. Her work has been shown at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Second Street Gallery, The Bridge Progressive Arts Institute and McGuffey Art Center. Clemons is a YoungArts alumni and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Rhode Island School of Design.  From  Cville Tomorrow. 

More information on Sahara:
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Her TedX Talk Art as Conversation

On the installation of her 2020 mural. 

Art Against the Clock

The Fall 2018 SOUP.  Sahara won.  

About her McGuffey Art Studio Residency 

Other mentions: The Nap Ministry  is a vital project. Check it out. 

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