Bonus Episode: Updates, CONTEST

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Episode Summary

This Bonus Episode expresses gratitude for the generous support of Stitch Please podcast listeners. There is also a fun contest happening today and concluding tomorrow, Thursday, January 13, 2022 at 3pm EST on the Black Women Stitch IG page. Details in the notes!

Episode Notes

Enter the contest by leaving a message with your answer! (Contest is not affiliated with IG or Marimekko.)

Question: How much 1.5 inch (3.8cm) bias binding will Lisa get from a piece of fabric sized 22″ by 36″ (55.88cm by 91.44cm)?

If you want to participate in the WORD OF THE YEAR episode, leave a message about your word or lack thereof!

There are 26 Black Women Stitch calendars left! Free shipping continues!

The Black Women Stitch website is sew pretty. Get into it.

Financial support appreciated!  Patreon   Act Blue

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[00:00:00] Lisa Woolfork: Hello everybody. And welcome to this stitch please podcast. I'm your host Lisa woo fork. We are still in the hiatus for the stitch please podcast. So we have a bonus episode this week and next. Before we jump right in to 20, 22 to find out what it can do. I've been thinking of little clever rhymes for 2022, and I'm not sure if that one is it, but we shall see today's episodes.

[00:00:33] Lisa Woolfork: Just gonna talk a little bit about what we are hoping for in 2022, and to give you some updates about what's happening with black women's stitch and the stitch please podcast. You'll also get information about a contest that is going on right now on the black women's stitch page on Instagram, which is going to wrap up on Thursday, January 13th at 3:00 PM.

[00:00:53] Lisa Woolfork: Eastern standard time. Stay tuned to learn more about that. So sit back, relax, and get ready to get [00:01:00] your stitch together.

[00:01:08] Lisa Woolfork: We begin with gratitude. Thank. So much for those of you all who have been supporting the stitch please podcast. I am very grateful to our Patreon supporters who through monthly contributions, help to build the base structure for what this podcast is allowing me to operate in such a way that I don't have to worry.

[00:01:30] Lisa Woolfork: About grant funding and all of the searching and all of the compromises that sometimes a company sponsorship. Thank you very much for listeners sponsoring this podcast, Patreon people also the same well of deep gratitude for those of you all who've made. Contributions through our act flu site, black women's stitches of 5 0 1 C three fiscally sponsored organization.

[00:01:55] Lisa Woolfork: And as such, you can make tax deductible donations to us through our fiscal [00:02:00] sponsor. And I can share the link to that page in the show notes. And another big bout of thank yous. Go to those of you who have purchased the black women's stitch 2022 wall calendar. It is bigger and blacker than ever. It. So beautiful.

[00:02:18] Lisa Woolfork: I'm really proud of it. And I worked really hard on it. There's a lot of research that has gone into the calendar, as well as a lot of updates about events that you might recall from just a year or two ago. If you have a chance, if you have the opportunity and the ability, please buy a copy of the black women's stitch 2022 wall calendar.

[00:02:36] Lisa Woolfork: It is available at the black limit stitch big cartel site, and it is still shipping for free. And there are about 26 of them left. There are 26 black women stitch wall calendars for the 2022 year 26 calendars left. One of them could be yours if you choose to pick up one from the big cartel site. So thank you.

[00:02:59] Lisa Woolfork: [00:03:00] Thank you. And. Thank you next up. We'll talk about some fun plans, including this contest. Stay

[00:03:09] Lisa Woolfork: tuned

[00:03:16] Lisa Woolfork: earlier. I thank those who have financially supported the podcast. And now I'd like to thank those of you all who have found other. Non-financial ways to support the podcast because I am sincerely grateful for that as well. By listening to this podcast, you are supporting it so you can hear this, or if you can read the transcript, I thank you.

[00:03:39] Lisa Woolfork: Thank you for taking your time to listen to what I have to say about sewing and this entire project. I am grateful for that. In addition support can also be given by subscribing to the podcast. So you get all the episodes, all the bonuses, all the trailers, all of the content of the podcast will be delivered [00:04:00] straight to your device.

[00:04:02] Lisa Woolfork: You can also rate and review the podcast and rating is when you clicked little stars to give, uh, ratings, um, usually a five star. System, or you can leave a review one or two sentences, a paragraph, something that reveals your appreciation or interest in the podcast. And that is what reviews are. And that is what they can do.

[00:04:26] Lisa Woolfork: And what I will put in the show notes this time, the show notes are gonna have a lot of really great information in them. Y'all they're gonna have a lot of things you can. So please do go into the show notes and click away. And one of the things you can click on is a list to sites where you can leave reviews for the stitch please podcast.

[00:04:45] Lisa Woolfork: And that really is a very generous, and I note it takes time and resources to review something or to rate it or to subscribe. I do not take any of that for granted. Thank you for those of you all who contribute to the podcast by [00:05:00] rating review. Subscribing to it.

[00:05:06] Lisa Woolfork: And now it's time to hear about that contest. So as you might recall, I last year in 2021, decided to make a coat, my winter coat for this winter out of a comforter, I really like the Meko unco design, which is their classic pattern. I think that they design like in the. I dunno, sixties or seventies or something.

[00:05:30] Lisa Woolfork: It's these big flowers, big blue flowers. And I was like, oh my gosh, that's gonna be great. Meme. Fabric is expensive, but meme linens are much more reasonably priced. And so that was why I decided to use a comforter. I found a puffy jacket pattern from Vicky SOS, which is a Russian pattern. But she also has her work translated into lots of other languages, including English.

[00:05:54] Lisa Woolfork: I have that pattern it's called or Nuit, N U R I D Nu it. And [00:06:00] it's, I'm excited. I got it all cut out and I realized one thing I wanted was. To have the inside lining of the coat, like the stitching, all the stitching on the inside. I wanted it to be bias bound. I thought it would look nice. Uh, I thought it would be a nice fun detail to use a little bit of peek ABO referencing by using contrasting colors from the sheet set that I also have that's made from meme's NewCo design.

[00:06:29] Lisa Woolfork: So

[00:06:31] Lisa Woolfork: this is where the contest comes in. I took the sheet set that I had ordered before a sheet set that I had already ordered and owned and decided to make bias binding out of that. Now I had used that sheet set before to make a Vogue blouse. I also planned to use it to make other things that have a.

[00:06:52] Lisa Woolfork: That are like shirting weights. Oh, you'll be a really nice Naomi blouse. I, I might do that because a twin size sheet set where I think I actually [00:07:00] might have purchased a full size sheet set. It's a lot of fabric. It's a lot of fabric, even if you decide not to deconstruct it and just cut off the chems, which I wouldn't do because that's a bit wasteful, but you get a lot of really great fabric that way.

[00:07:15] Lisa Woolfork: So I am going to make bias, binding to cover the seams of the inside of this coat. Making continuous bias. Binding is something I really enjoy. I really enjoy it. I am not a math person. I don't enjoy math. But I enjoy the fact that math makes it possible for me to make continuous bias, binding that it's a lot of geometry.

[00:07:42] Lisa Woolfork: It's a lot moving some things around, but it's really not that complicated. And once you get the hang of it, you'll find yourself excited to make bias, binding out of the most random pieces of fabric you might have in your collection. It doesn't have to be a square either. It can be a [00:08:00] rect. And ideally a rectangle that you then turn into a parallelogram, which gives you the perfect shape to make your continuous bias binding.

[00:08:09] Lisa Woolfork: So here is the question for the quiz. The question. Yeah. I call it a quiz. It's not really a quiz. It's just a guess. Just asking you to guess if you've seen the IG, my IG live, not my IG live. If you've seen my IG story, you'll see that I've made a reel and it says something like, guess, guess, just guess, guess, guess you coward just guess, oh, just guess, just guess, guess, guess, just guess, which is.

[00:08:33] Lisa Woolfork: Actually how I, um, sometimes talk to my spouse to great irritation. I'm sure. I, I think of it as persistence. Anyway, guess how much bias binding I will be able to make from a fabric that is approximately this size I'm saying approximately because. That is the size. I remember approximately cutting that fabric that this is not a scientific pole.

[00:08:58] Lisa Woolfork: I'm just asking you to guess. [00:09:00] And what will happen is we will then on Thursday, on Thursday, January 13th, at 3:00 PM Eastern standard time, meet me at the black women stitch IG live, and we will measure. This finding. Yay. I'm really excited. Um, because I, I haven't really met. I'm really very curious to see how much it is.

[00:09:24] Lisa Woolfork: Okay. Just to give you the exact details and I'm gonna do it in inches as well as in centimeters. The piece of fabric that I'm starting with is 22 inches by 36 inches. The strip I'm going to. Is one and a half inch wide. When that gets double folded, it'll be three quarters, which is the size that I want.

[00:09:51] Lisa Woolfork: So I'm making three quarter inch binding, which means I have to cut a strip that's one and a half inches wide. So 22 [00:10:00] inches by 36 inches. Stitched on the bias with a one quarter inch seam allowance and I'm, I'm going. And so you, your, your task is to calculate how much bias do you think that would make?

[00:10:16] Lisa Woolfork: So for those folks in centimeters, a piece of fabric that is 55.8, eight centimeters by 91.4, four centimeters. And I am cutting a strip that is 3.8 centimeters. Much bias. Do you think I would make, and again, I don't know because I haven't really measured it and I made, because I, like I said, I really enjoy it.

[00:10:43] Lisa Woolfork: I cut about four pieces of fabric that size. I use one to make one inch bias binding, and I use the other three to make the three quarters. I've got quite a bit of bias. quite a bit of bias tape. And so that's something I'm really looking forward to doing. So if you [00:11:00] wanna participate, this is how go to the black women's stitch website, select talk to us, which is an option you can find in the upper right corner of the website.

[00:11:10] Lisa Woolfork: You click on that and it allow you to. To leave a voicemail. It will take you to an app on our website called SpeakPipe where you can leave a voicemail message that comes straight to me and I can listen to it and leave you a message back. It's really great. So just share what you think the answer to this question is, and show up for the IG, live on Thursday to find out how close you were to being right.

[00:11:51] Lisa Woolfork: Thank you so much for listening to the stitch, please podcast. This bonus episode is coming to you on Wednesday, January 12th. And I am [00:12:00] excited to say that we are in a bit of a hiatus just taking a bit of a breather, but we will get back to you. On the last Wednesday in January, where we have a very special episode that I'm really excited to share with you all to help us kickstart the year.

[00:12:14] Lisa Woolfork: So next week we'll have another short bonus and it's going to be about word of the year. What. Is your word of the year. Do you have a word of the year? Do you ever do a word of the year? I did one last year and I really enjoyed it and thought it was helpful. And so I'm doing it again this year and next week, I will tell you why.

[00:12:34] Lisa Woolfork: In the meantime, if you have a word of the year for 2022 in you're willing to share it with me on this ditch, please podcast. Leave me a SpeakPipe message go right to the website at the homepage. You can select talk to us, and that will take you right to our messaging service, where you can leave a voicemail at letting us know what your word is for 2022 and why, or you can say, I don't have a word over hear, and this [00:13:00] is why either way.

[00:13:01] Lisa Woolfork: I'd be very glad to hear about it. Thanks again for listening to the stitch, please podcast, come back next week and we'll help you get your stitch together.

Hosted by Lisa Woolfork

Lisa is a fourth-generation sewing enthusiast who learned to sew while earning a PhD in African American literature and culture. She has been sewing for more than twenty years while also teaching, researching, and publishing in Black American literature and culture.

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