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It’s that time of year again on the Stitch Please podcast: BLACKER FRIDAY. On Wednesday, November 24, learn about Black women owned sewing/craft related businesses. Tune in to hear about these amazing creative enterprises. We have Black pattern designers, craft suppliers, yarn dyers, longarm quilters, fabric vendors, sewing, quilting, and dyeing instruction. We also have Black owned brick and mortar shops from Maryland to New Jersey to Michigan. Buy from these businesses as you prepare to make holiday gifts this season. They will help you get your stitch together!

Episode Notes

Check out these Black women own fabric, fiber, and sewing related businesses!

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Thanks I Made Them

Instagram: @thanksimadethem

Kianga Art

Queenora Renee Fabrics


Neci Harmon and What’s She Creating


 Colorful Findings

Sewing My Style

Bra Talk Boutique

Sew Creative Lounge

Sew Modest

Cultured Expressions

IG and FB @culturedexpressions


Sassy Black Yarns

Bzy Peach


Wax and Wraps: 


Wax Print Laces and More:


Angee Quilts on Etsy


J. Desiree Studios

Sandra Lee Designs

Sewn Magazine

Quilts Made with Love

Black Fae Day/Jasmine LeFleur

Nicole Elise Designs

Patrice J Bridal Studio

Selvedge and Bolts

Broke and Crafty

Cultured Expressions Grant Program

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Lisa Woolfork 0:02

Welcome to Stitch Please and our Blacker Friday episode. The 2021 edition is bigger and Blacker than ever. We have businesses from custom fabrics, bra making, fabric dyeing, magazine, Black Fae Day, and the Cultured Expressions Grant Program for African fabric businesses. So stay tuned and listen to the episode. Thank you to all our participants. And remember this weekend y'all #payblackwomen, #smallbusinessaturday. And again, #payblackwomen.

Nikki 0:52

Bra Talk Boutique where you too can make a bra. Hi, I'm Nikki owner of the new Bra Talk Boutique. The place for beginner bra makers to get lingerie making supplies and learn to make it yourself. Visit for your bra making kits, bralette and panty kits and lovely laces. You can also check out upcoming workshops for beginning bra making or to enhance your lingerie making skills with private lessons. Bra Talk 2022 is ready to roll. Join the beginner bra making series in March, an eight week virtual series taking you from the very beginning to wearing a bra that fits and matching pants. Or you can plan to join the bra top retreat in late April. Whether a virtual workshop or in person to really have some fun with sewing sisters. We'll see you soon at the Bra Talk Boutique.

Angee 1:50

Hello there. This is Angee Turner from Angee Quilts. I'm a contemporary quilt designer and a quilt maker. I love to use bright saturated colors to create unique one of a kind improvisational quilts and some quilts that turn your tradition on its side. So come visit me on Instagram at Angee quilts. That's a-n-g-e-e-q-u-i-l-t-s or visit my Etsy shop AngeeQuilts. My website coming soon.

Cecily 2:22

My name is Cecily Habimana, co-owner of Sew Creative Lounge located in Mount Rainier, Maryland right outside of Washington DC. We are culture keepers of sewing with the fierce mission of teaching the world to sew one stitch at a time via in studio and online classes, camps and sew along. In response to the pandemic Tisha and I opened up a fabric store with an extensive collection of African fabrics, patterns by Black pattern makers, sewing tools and so much more. We also design a collection of fabric this speaks to the African American experience such as Black Beauty, Black Lives Matter and Birthright. We are made up of a team of eight sewing instructors and support staff. We also have guest instructors as well. We recently began our membership program that provides its members with monthly sewing classes, sew along kits, discounts and a sewing community like no other and that's it. We are Sew Creative Lounge at

LaKeisha 3:24

Hi, my name is LaKeisha Hurston. I'm the owner of Sassy Black Yarns. As an avid crocheter I see the world through yarn-tinted spectacles. I started Sassy Black Yarns in my kitchen with a simple desire to create a small selection of hand dyed yarns that would offer people beautiful color alternatives with sassy names and colors. The definition of sassy is someone or something that is lively, bold and a little feisty. Sassy Black Yarn specializes in bold fresh colors of hand dyed yarns for knitters and crocheters alike. Through my yarns, I aim to give other makers more options for them to bring their next project to life. So if you are looking for the highest quality of hand dyed yarn delivered with creativity, imagination and originality, please visit me at www.sassy or on Instagram with a handle @sassyblackyarns1.

Queenora 4:31

Y'all know what time it is. It's time for Blacker Friday. And over here at Queenora Renee Fabrics we are ready for you. So y'all know this year we weren't able to do a holiday preorder, but I got some holiday fabric, the fabric that was supposed to be for my strike team. They are going to be available for you. What does this mean for you? This means that instead of doing a pre order and waitin' weeks to get your fabric, now you order, and it's shipped to you within two to three business days. Also, we got a special surprise for y'all. Y'all know I'm always trying to do something new. And so with Black Magic Leopard with how popular it is, we decided to do something a little different. So you gotta follow us on Instagram at Queenora_Renee_Fabrics. That way you can see what special we have in store for you for Blacker Friday as it pertains to Black Magic Leopard. Outside of that, I'll see y'all on the socials and have fun shopping.

Kirsten 5:42

I'm Kristen Jeffers or Kris Pattern. You can find me at I'm crafting a craft community where all Black lives matter, where feminism is for Black folks or it doesn't matter if you have a craft store close by and you, yes, you busy transit adjacent queer feminist Black person and allies can make your own fiber objects. Once again, you can sign up for my email and learn more about my classes, workshops and patterns at

Deborah 6:13

Interested in learning how to dye fibers with acid dyes but not sure where to get started. Colorful Findings offers classes for beginners to intermediate students on how to use acid dyes for their sewing projects. Designed specifically for bra makers, Colorful Findings offer step by step projects to learn how to create your own custom dye colors. Mentioned Stitch Please when you register and receive a bonus custom recipe to use during the class. Sign up at

Bianca 6:45

Hi, this is Bianca from Thanks I made Them Sew CanYou. I'm so excited to participate in Blacker Friday this year. Use code bf2021 to save 20% off of pattern weights, T-shirts, sewing jewelry and other awesome items in my Etsy store.

Jasmine 7:19

Hello, my name is Jasmine Desiree and I am the owner of J. Desiree Studio and J. Desiree Studio Collections that offer both PDF sewing patterns and fashion design courses both virtually and in person. They range from fat patern design, draping, even couture techniques and additional to that I also sell fabric and interfacing and elastics as well on my Etsy shop. The website is or you can find me on my Etsy store as SewMuchJazz on Etsy.

Serwaa 8:04

Hello, my name is Serwaa Owusu-Sekyere CEO of WaxPrintsLacesnMore home of unique African prints. My name is Serwaa Owusu-Sekyere. I go by Mamsie. Everybody calls me Mamsie. I am originally from Ghana, West Africa. I moved to the US specifically to Kentucky in 1997 to be a pharmacist studying at Pharmacy school. But growing up my mom had always been a trader. My mom had the shops. Growing up I used to take care of her shop. So I've always had that passion to trade. But anyway, when I came to the US I was thrown into a whole different culture. And I've always had a love for African prints. So through the African print business I'm able to incorporate my love for Africa into my business. So my real passion is in African prints. If you want unique African prints, I have prints from all over South Africa, East Africa, West Africa, you name it. You are in the right place. My website is And I am on Instagram @waxprintslacesnmore. If you need anything give me a call. I'll be glad to work with you. Thank you. God bless.

Neci 9:42

Hi my sewing friends. I am Neci Love Harmon, my brand is the NeciLoveHarman brand we specialize in creating colorful, eclectic assessories that are extremely custom and of quality, including handbags, jewelry and other giftings. Our hope is that our customers will smile as they handle our products while walking fiercely to their destination. Check out our products at We also offer online sewing instruction from unboxing to the first stitch for various machines. Check us out online at Check us out and follow us online at NeciLoveHarmon and WhatsSheCreating on all social media outlets. And thanks for listening and happy sewing.

Sandra 10:40

Hello, my name is Sandra Lee Chandler and my business is called Sandra Lee Design formerly known as Sandra Johnson Designs. I'm a textile artists, teacher, presenter and all around motivational speaker. You can find me at Sandra Lee Design. My website, Instagram and Facebook are all under Sandra Lee Design. I love everything textile. My classes and workshops are all geared around creating what my students see as art with a pattern that is a guideline. Yes, all patterns are guidelines. If you like wearable arts, I'm the one for you. I make quilts, I make clothing and I also teach you how to repurpose denim.

Lisa Woolfork 11:47

The Stitch Please podcast we'll be taking a winter hiatus until January. But in the meantime, we will not leave you hanging. We've got some beautiful new episodes coming up just in time for the holidays. The new series Stitching Holiday Traditions are first person narratives from members of the Black Women Stitch community. These are first person special dispatch stories from women in the Black Women Stitch sewing community who are graciously sharing the stories of their family traditions with us. Each of them has a beautiful and unique story that we think you'll appreciate learning about as they talk about the ways that their sewing, crafty and creative lives intersect with the ways that they celebrate the holidays. So prepare yourself to have a really great time as we wrap up 2021

Lisa 12:50

Hi, everyone, it's Lisa from Cultured Expressions. Our studio is located at 1417 Main Street in Rahway, New Jersey. You will find ankara prints, West African batiks, Bogo line and specialty fabrics, plus beads and brass embellishments and pre cuts for the quilters. You can shop online at Or even better, I'd suggest you book your virtual visit, which is a virtual meeting by Zoom, Google Duo or WhatsApp where you can see everything that's in the studio a lot more than actually then we show on the website. You should also check out our new virtual classes and events for individuals and for groups at And follow us on Instagram and Facebook @culturedxpressions. I'd like to thank Lisa again for another great year of keeping us connected especially this year. And I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season. Take care.

Jasmine 13:50

Hello, babies and friends. My name is Jasmine LeFleur and I'm the creator of Black Fae Day. I call for Black people all over social media to celebrate themselves and become their wildest dreams. Together we enchanted the world on May 8, our first ever Black Fae Day. This thing holidays took up algorithms on social media platforms and let the world know that we are here and we're magical. We've inspired many other fantasy celebrations this year. Maybe you've participated in one. Our mission is to bring diversity to and create positive Black visibility in fantasy spaces. I'm here to tell you the party hasn't stopped. As a brand Black Fae Day understands that our demands for positive representation require capital, and so we're working on strategies that will allow us to facilitate things like festivals, fantasy balls and other physical events in our community. Many of those solutions involve you, our sewing community. We love to see your costumes, crafts, and even enjoyed peeking at your workspaces. All these things inspire me to look at the areas where our representation is lacking. Our holiday is on the second Saturday in May each year. Just use the hashtag #BlackFaeDay to participate. You can follow us on our website At www Instagram and BlackFaeDay official and your other favorite social media platforms. Thank you Black Women Stitch for helping me spread the word about my fairy tale journey.

LaTisha 15:14

Hello hello hello this is LaTisha Nicole Elise LLC. Nicole Elise is a fashion house where great fabric and fabulous style collide. We specialize in custom apparel that is comfy, classy and chic, and offer a variety of textiles that will be sure to catch your eye and make you smile. We believe it is the fabric which sets the tone for your look. Please stop by our website at, browse our catalog of textiles, or send us an email with the request for a custom order. We can also be reached on Instagram @NicoleEliseDesign or @NicoleEliseTextiles. Remember when it comes to your clothing, the fabric is key because fabric choice is everything.

Kianga 16:13

I am Kianga Janaki, a quilter, doll maker and mixed media artists. To create my work I use traditional and contemporary African textiles and beads. You can find me at I also have a little shop on Etsy. That's also called KiangaArt. Along with my work I do teach fiber art classes. I offer a small selection of African textiles, beads and clothing. You can follow me on the socials on IG @kianga_art and KiangaArt _Gallery. You can find me on Facebook at KiangaArt. So come see what's happening and see what's new at Kianga Art. Peace.

Jacqueline 17:20

Have you ever had an endorphin rush when you see new wax print fabric? Now imagine getting that feeling monthly or every two months with a box sent to you full of African fabrics, headwraps and more. That feeling is why I decided to curate an African print subscription box and select only the best prints for you. Hi, I'm Jacqueline, founder of Wax+Wraps and I am a self professed serial entrepreneur. I started different businesses as I struggled to gain jobs and promotions in my fashion career as an industry designer working for international brands and retailers for nearly 20 years. During the 2020 pandemic I decided to launch a product-based business introducing creatives to Africa's fashion and textile industry. Why? Because I love African fashion, have worked in Africa for 10 years, and want to have some serious fun whilst adding joy to another creative person's life. You see our boxes offer more than just wax print or Ankara, but also introduces new fabric coming from Africa made by artisans to your letterbox monthly. So whether you will be selecting the sewist box full of prints and sewing kits or the stylist box filled of headwraps, headbands or night buttons, you will receive an array of fabrics from different African countries. For me Wax+Wraps is an opportunity to share the love I have for Africa built over 10 years, to share with my creatives out there, the many creatives out there, about the crafts and talents around Africa and to bring trade to Africa because this business brings trade to fabric makers and enables them to continue supporting their families. But this is not charity. This is simply using the empowering opportunity of trade and business to create change. And now whilst we together invest in an African crafts, textiles, manufacturing and skills, you're also getting a beautiful piece of fun to add to your life, month after month, from my friends in Africa to me, then on to you. Enjoy Wax+Wraps.

Patrice 19:20

Hello this is Patrice Jackson, owner of Patrice J. Bridal studio located in Bridgeton, Missouri, which is a suburb of St. Louis. Our bridal studio is full service and carries brands like Sophia Tolli and Enchanting as well as offering custom dress making services for weddings, prom and special occasions. Our venue also has a little something special, which is an intimate event space that brides can use for wedding meetings with their tribes or DIY bridal shower events. We can be found on the web at And if you are in the St. Louis area, January 15, through the 17th of 2022, we would love to see you because that's when we are having our grand blowout grand opening. And we will love to have your face in the place. That weekend we will have tours. We'll have a second line band. There'll be a wedding fashion show as well as a vendor event. So we'd love to see you there. Thanks.

Lisa Woolfork 20:36

The Black Women Stitch 2020 wall calendar is bigger and Blacker than ever. Not only is the calendar about 15% larger than last year's calendar, it still remains jam packed with so much wonderful history about Black women's history, sewing history and activist history. There's also a wonderful new feature in this year's version. And that is the quarterly pattern release. At the beginning of every quarter, you'll find original images from Black women artists. The patterns are available as a PDF download, allowing you to resize them to the needs of your project. Order your copy of the Black Women Stitch 2022 wall calendar at BlackWomenStitch.big, and we will help you get your stitch together.

LaTerry 21:27

Hello, this is LaTerry Mohsin the Executive Director of Sew Modest Studio. We are located in Dearborn, Michigan. We are at full line sewing and custom design studio. So we offer classes for garment construction, as well as jewelry making and fabric dyeing. You can take classes with us online or in person. Check us out at And you can also follow us on Instagram @Sew.Modest.

Nikki 22:09

Hi, I'm back again. In case you don't recognize my voice, or I'm totally new to you. It's your favorite peach, Laverne Benton. Many of you may also know me as the owner of BzyPeach, a small Clack woman owned business specializing in hand-dyed cotton yarn, tensile yarn, project journals and other fun accessories. New to my online shop, The Market are hand-dyed embroidery threads. These 100% recycled cotton threads come in two sets of colors, lights and brights. Run over to to check them out right now. Now for the most important part, Black Friday is just around the corner and I am super excited to announce the launch of my 2022 Yarn Clubs. This will be the second year for the Peachy Yarn Club and the inaugural year for two new clubs. If you're into cross stitch or hand embroidery, you will want to subscribe to the Embroidery Threads Club. 10 new colors will be sent each month. Also for my Amaka Remi and mini skein lovers, you'll want to subscribe to the Mini Skeins Club. Four new colors each month will help you to build your catalogue of colors for those smaller projects. So on Black Friday, make sure you check out or @BzyPeach on Instagram for all of the details. And as always, I stay busy keeping you Peachy.

Michelle 23:52

Hello, my name is Michelle Morris. And some of you may know me from my sewing blog That Black Chic, but I'm also the owner and Editor-in-chief of a colorful bi monthly selling publication titled Sewn Magazine. This is the first magazine of its kind and we proudly showcase makers of color. What's that, you say? You don't read sewing magazines?...well let me say this. It ain't your grandmama's sewing magazine. It's unlike any of the other publications out there for sewing. Our magazine looks and feels like a fashion magazine. We offer a free pattern with each issue along with sewing tips, tricks and tutorials to recreate some of the garments seen in the magazine. I encourage you to stop by our website and order your copy today. Even if you don't sew, if you like fashion you'll love Sewn Magazine. If you have any questions about the magazine, please email us at

Michelle 25:03

My name is Michelle Ramsay with Quilts Made With Love. I am a long arm quilter offering machine quilting services on my Bernina long arm sewing machine. I have a variety of edge to edge designs available from classic to modern. I would love to help you pick a design that best complements the style of your quilt. I work with quilters and sewing enthusiast from all over the country. Send me your quilt tops to finish so that you can move on to your next sewing project, because there's always another one waiting. Check out more of my work at or on Instagram @quilts_madewithlove. Bye.

Nikki 25:50

Sewrority Wear is a sewing paraphernalia company built on the foundation of communities, sisterhood and sewing. Our organization was started with the goal to connect the individual home sewist with other like-minded sewists from all over the world by creating an environment that embraces a culture of inclusion, centered around creativity and sisterhood. Our company seeks to fill the void left by large retailers by creating sewing apparel and notions that promote and encourage a community accepting of all ethnicities, shapes and sizes. Check us out on Instagram and our Facebook group to see all that our community has to offer and our store for all your sewing merchandise needs at xo XO, Kiki Monica tarsha and Nikki

Tenita 26:49

Hello everyone. My name is Tanita Neals, I am the owner of Broke and Crafty. I am a lover of all things crafty, but especially the fiberarts. I make handmade bags and accessories for my fellow knitters and crocheters. My project bags are extremely durable and they feature designer fabric and prints with either a drawstring or zipper closure. I also make different notion pouches that come in a variety of sizes. I will let you in on a little secret though. People also use my bags as clutch purses, makeup bags, to put their toiletries in or even hold planner supplies. There really are a lot of different uses for them. You can find my bags for sale on my website, which is I tend to update my online shop with limited amounts of custom handmade items every four to six weeks, so be sure to subscribe to my newsletter. That way you'll be the first to receive shop announcements and previews.

Dibs 28:04

Hello, my name is Dibs Maxwell and I am the owner of Selvege and Bolts. Selvege and Bolts is an online fabric shop. We are based in the UK in a town called Northampton. It's an online only fabric shop. We sell predominantly prints and all our fabrics come from Italy, or France, the majority being from Italy. And we largely sell really bright vibrant prints. And we focus on natural fibers such as silk, cotton, linen wool, we do have some viscoses, and we also have polyamid. And we do sell one of polyesters. But the polyesters are mixed with natural fibers. Our website is And you can also find us on Instagram. our handle is @selvegeandbolts. And that's Instagram. We do have a Facebook presence. And you can get in touch with us via our website if you send us a message there. We do ship worldwide, so we ship to the US to Canada and every other place. We look forward to seeing you on our website. Thank you.

Lisa 29:46

Hi everyone, this is Lisa at Cultured Expressions, and I wanted to let everybody know that we have a brand new program. It's the Cultured Expressions Business grant program. And over the last couple of years we've really seen a huge explosion in the number and the type of African fabric entrepreneurs that are out there, whether you buy fabrics and make things with them to sell or whether you sell the fabrics themselves, whether you teach, make patterns, whatever you do with African fabrics, we really wanted to know about it. So we put together a grant program, where we'll be awarding cash awards, as well as a coaching package and CE gift card to one main recipient and two secondary recipients. So you can apply for free at We're taking applicants now through December 31. And we'll announce the recipients in early January. So we hope everyone will get involved with it, tell your friends. Tell anyone who you think may may be, you know, may qualify for it. Again, it's partly with COVID and everything that's been going on the last two years, people have had to pivot they've changed their lives, they've either started businesses or gone back to a business or revamped or pivoted or just kind of had to really do a whole shake up. And we really want to see what that's about with everybody. So let us know what you're doing through the grant program. And good luck to everyone. We'll hope to see you soon. Thanks.

Lisa Woolfork 31:16

Get ready for some really great fun in 2022 from Black Women Stitch as we prepare to launch our website. This has been a long time coming. I'm very excited about it. You can support the Black Women Stitch project in the Stitch Please podcast in lots of ways. For $3.99 you can rate and review the podcast on iTunes and anywhere else you listen to podcasts. If you'd like to make a donation to Black Women Stitch, you can do that through our ActBlue site. Or you can become a patron on our Patreon. We also have our Big Cartel site that has the Black Women Stitch 2022 wall calendar, as well as stickers and some adorable patches. Thank you so much for your support. We are grateful to be a community with you and come back next time and we'll help you get your stitch together.

Hosted by Lisa Woolfork

Lisa is a fourth-generation sewing enthusiast who learned to sew while earning a PhD in African American literature and culture. She has been sewing for more than twenty years while also teaching, researching, and publishing in Black American literature and culture.

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