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It’s that time of year again on the Stitch Please podcast: BLACKER FRIDAY. On Wednesday, November 25, learn about Black women owned sewing/craft related businesses. Tune in to hear about these amazing creative enterprises. We have Black pattern designers, craft suppliers, yarn dyers, fabric vendors, sewing, quilting, and dyeing instruction.We also have Black owned brick and mortar shops from Maryland to New Jersey to Michigan. Buy from these businesses as you prepare to make holiday gifts this season. They will help you get your stitch together!

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Blacker Friday 2020

[00:00:00] Lisa: [00:00:00] Hello, stitchers. And welcome to the Stitch Please podcast. We having a special episode today called Blacker Friday, as we know this Friday marks the holiday season or [00:00:30] the beginning of the shopping for the holiday season. And that's called Black Friday here in the United States where I'm broadcasting from this is called black Friday because it's the time when a lot of businesses go from the red, which represents debt. In financial account keeping to going into the profit mode which is represented by black ink. Now, of course, here on the Stitch Please podcast, we center black women, girls and femmes in sewing. And we also want to extend that [00:01:00] to our belief in sustained economic growth.

And health for black businesses. So today, as an opportunity, as we get ready to head into what used to be called the shopping season, I say used to be because we are of course in 2020, and we are facing a global pandemics and all of these otherchallenges. And so some experts have said, That black Friday will look very different.

And , we agree. And [00:01:30] so usually we have black Friday and then we have small business Saturday, and then we have cyber Monday, always love cyber Monday being acknowledged as a holiday, because what it really is is people who go back to work. On Monday and they sit in their offices and they buy things.

And so that's called cyber Monday. This year these shopping days, that have been seen as separate events taking place over a long weekend, will now probably be compressed into a shorter [00:02:00] time period, but we wanted to make sure I'm here at this ditch, please podcast was that black women owned businesses were emphasized, highlighted and uplifted.

So in the frenzy of the shopping season, Or as things get compressed, we wanted to make sure that you saw what was available from black women in our sewing community. And there is a lot available. I did this episode last year, and there are more businesses, more categories [00:02:30] available for Blacker Friday this year for 2020 than there was last year.

I am so excited to share these ventures with you. So stay tuned.

The first set of businesses, we are going to hear from our suppliers. These are folks who supply sewing supplies to help you get your stitch together. So we've got four great businesses who are going to share their, the background of their projects. And these [00:03:00] include thanks. I made them, Kianga Art, what she creating and Sewrority And we are very excited to have them share. Their story with us. So stay tuned and learn about these excellent black women owned suppliers .

Bianca: [00:03:15] Why sew boring at some fun and efficiency to your sewing process, but thanks. I made them sewing pattern weights. Wait to eliminate the need for pins when tracing and cutting, taking the sting out of the tedious part of the sewing [00:03:30] process, these pattern weights are available in a range of fun, inspirational, motivational, empowering, or custom designs.

In addition to holiday discounts, comment, stitch, please on your order and receive a free gift to help you get your stitch together.

Kianga: [00:03:49] Peace. I am Kianga Janaki and welcome to Kianga Art the place to find my quilts, dolls, wearables and mixed media pieces. [00:04:00] In addition to my own work. I also carry a small selection of African fabric, which can be purchased by the yard. In fact, quarter bundles and uncarved strip bundles and scrap bags.

I also am carry a small selection of clothing and beads that have been imported from Africa. If you're interested in one of my textile [00:04:30] art classes, you can also register here So stop by and see what's going on at Keeanga art piece.

Neci: [00:04:46] Hello out there. I'm Neci Love Harmon of what she creating enterprises. We specialize in DIY selling education and products made by yours. Truly, if you are new to sewing. I'm able to [00:05:00] teach you the basics of your sewing machine, all the way to starting your first stitch on your lovely piece of equipment via slash what's she creating.

We also create custom handmade accessory items, including colorful printed bags, fabric, greens, tassels, and other stationery items you can locate us on at. Nice enough or check us out on our social [00:05:30] media handles, which are at NYSCI and Harmon or at what she creating on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you. And happy sewing from yours, truly Niecy Love Harmon.

Sewrority: [00:05:45] Sewroritywear is a novelty, apparel and paraphernalia company that was founded by four women. We wanted to duplicate the bond and connection they shared over the years, along with their love and passion for sewing. One by [00:06:00] one, as the threat spun, they foster to create products that would make you and your machine feel a part of something bigger, bigger than yourselves.

A community of sewists who share, create, empower, and motivate sowing is the thread that will forever bring us together. You can find sorority where. At www dot S E w R O R I T Y, [00:06:30] and on social media at Sewroritywear

Lisa: [00:06:43] knowledge is power. This is true in life. And it is also true in sewing this next segment of our Blacker Friday special episode features, black women, sewing and quilting and dy\eng teachers. These [00:07:00] are folks who have excellent, deep specialty knowledge that they can share with you, both in person and online through. Mediums that allow you to go at your own pace and connect with other folks. So stay tuned to listen to the three offerings from Carol Lyles Shaw, Deborah Grayson, and Nikki from Sewing [00:07:30] My Style.

Carole: [00:07:39] hi, my name is Carol Lyles Shaw. I am a modern quilter, a quilt pattern designer, and a book author. I love sharing my passion for modern quilting by teaching quilting workshops for guilds and shops all over the U S quilters who attend my [00:08:00] workshops, rave about my exciting content, my supportive and fun teaching style.

And well-designed. Patterns. My goal is to introduce traditional and contemporary quilters to modern quilting in a low stress liberating environment. I co-founded and served as the first president of the Sarasota modern quilt Guild in Sarasota, Florida. And many of my quilts have been exhibited in museums and quilt shows in the U S [00:08:30] and internationally.

You can find more information about my patterns, my workshops, and my books on my website. And that is Thanks. And I look forward to hearing from you soon and of course, happy, modern quilting. Bye bye.

Deborah: [00:08:55] Interested in learning how to dye fibers with acid dyes, but not sure where to get started.

[00:09:00] Colorful findings offers classes for beginners to intermediate students on how to use acid dyes for their sewing projects. Designed specifically for bra makers, colorful findings offers step-by-step projects to learn how to create your own custom dye colors mentioned stitch please. When you register and receive a bonus custom recipe to use during the class, sign

[00:09:30] Nikki: [00:09:29] did you know that you too can make a bra this exactly how hundreds of women felt before joining Bra Making Mondays: a four week workshop focused on sizing and fit and how to make a custom bra. A program designed for confident beginners, intermediate, and advanced psoas. The next broad making Mondays begins February, 2021.

A safe community full of body positivity, a nurturing and supportive space to make the most gratifying garment register for bra making

[00:10:00] Lisa: [00:10:12] Brick and mortar businesses, shops that people can actually go in and browse merchandise have been hardest hit by COVID in 2020 as cities and as cities. Around the country have enacted [00:10:30] regulations or as shop owners themselves concerned for their own safety have made changes to policies about their shopping hours.

This has made very difficult choices, a reality for many of them. And this is why I am so glad to bring to you today for black women owned brick and mortar shops. That you can support because they also have online offerings as well. And if you close by, they have created [00:11:00] socially distant plans that allow you to visit in person as well as very robust in the case of a few of the folks here, very robust online offerings.

So stay tuned to hear from shops from Maryland. Michigan and two in New Jersey.

Cecily: [00:11:22] Hi, my name is Cecily Habimana. I am co-owner of Sew Creative Lounge located at Mount Rainier, Maryland. And we are [00:11:30] both a so in school and online fabric store, we opened in 2017. officially, previously to that we had, started teaching classes, Through our first, business venture, which was sipping so DC, that, ended up being a, I want to say.

Four years, prior to those like 2014 that we started teaching those classes, basically in Chicago, down in Virginia with you, here in DC and basically taught, use of, [00:12:00] just sold out classes, to those interested in learning how to sell, at the beginning of COVID, we opened online fabric store, and we basically.

Minimize the amount of class that we have, in studio, just to minimize our risks. but we do, have an online store and we started designing our own fabrics. Creating our own PDF patterns, and so forth and so on. hopefully on the other side of COVID, we'll be able to do a combination of both, with [00:12:30] having, our full studio with summer camp.

And, kids classes in studio, because right now the kids castles are all online, but definitely a change in business plan. But our mission is the same. It's just, building, and teaching, teaching, women and actually everybody how to, so, so yeah, that's my story. Sew Creative Lounge is co-owned bvy Tisha Thorne who's been teaching in the DMV for many years now. let me know if you have any other questions about us, and talk to you soon.

[00:13:00] LaTerry: [00:13:00] Hello, this is LaTerry Molson, the executive director of Sew Modest Studio. We are located in Dearborn, Michigan. We are a full line sewing and custom design studio. So we offer classes for garment construction, as well as jury making and fabric dyeing.

You can take classes with us online or in-person check us out at so modest. S E w [00:13:30] And you can also follow us on Instagram at Sew.Modest

Terina: [00:13:36] The fashion design center of South Jersey located at 1366 Hatton Avenue and Camden, New Jersey is your home for all fashion related classes, workshops, mentorships, and industry opportunities.

Come take a class from seasoned professionals and learn everything from [00:14:00] sewing to textile design metal, smithing, lingerie, design, and so much more. And if you can't make it to Camden, New Jersey, no worries. Most of our classes are offered via zoom visit fashion design center. S J. For South fashion design center, S

Hope to see you soon.

[00:14:30] Lisa S-S: [00:14:31] Hi everyone. It's Lisa from cultural expressions. Our studio is located at 14, 17 main street in Rahway, New Jersey. We will find Ancora Prince West African batiks, Boga line and specialty fabrics, plus beads and brass embellishments. And pre cuts for the quilters. You can shop or even better.

I'd suggest you book your virtual visit. Which is a virtual meeting by zoom, Google duo, or WhatsApp, where you can see everything that's in the [00:15:00] studio a lot more than actually them than we show on the website. You should also check out our new virtual classes and events for individuals and for and follow us on Instagram and Facebook at cultured expressions.

I'd like to thank Lisa again for another great year of keeping us connected, especially this year. And I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season. Take care.

[00:15:30] Lisa: [00:15:31] New to the 2020 black or Friday episode, our yarn shops. I am so excited to have yarn and crochet and knitting pattern businesses available to be amplified here on the stitch please podcast that they are really wonderful and they. Absolutely beautiful yarns for all different sorts of needlework projects.

Check them out and learn about the four [00:16:00] businesses. Sassy black yarns, busy peach at Haynes house yarns and the Christian crochet addict.

Lakeisha: [00:16:22] Hi, my name is Lakeisha Hurston. I'm the owner obsessive black yarns as an avid per share. I see the world through yarn tinted [00:16:30] spectacles. I started sassy black gerunds in my kitchen with a simple desire to create a small selection of hand dyed yarns that would offer people beautiful color alternatives with Ceci names and colors.

The definition of sassy is someone or something that is lively, bold, and a little feisty, sassy, black urine specialized in bold, fresh colors of hand, dyed yarns for knitters and crocheters alike. Through my yarns. I aim to give other makers more options for them to bring their next project to life. So if you were looking for [00:17:00] the highest quality of hand dyed yarn delivered with creativity, imagination, and originality, please visit or on Instagram with a handle Ceci black yarns one.

Laverne: [00:17:15] Hello, beautiful peaches. I am LaVar Benton. The owner of busy teach LLC. I am a fiber artist specializing in hand dyed 100% Pima, cotton yarn, custom project journals, [00:17:30] fun fiber arts, March and last Saturday morning shin. Manny. You may wonder what made me choose Pima cotton. Well, Pima cotton has a great sheen and smooth texture.

It provides a luxurious finish to your knitted or crochet projects like other plant-based yarns. Hema patent is a great alternative to wool and acrylic. For those that may have allergies, I look forward to seeing you online at visit dot com. [00:18:00] That's B Z Y. Or on Instagram live or Saturday mornings shenanigans at 10:00 AM Eastern time every Saturday morning.

So don't forget it's Bzy Peach I stay busy keeping you peachy.

Terry : [00:18:22] Hi, my name is Terry Haynes and I am the owner and Dyer for at Haynes house yarn [00:18:30] AT Hayes House Yarns is a two year old company. And is based in Fort Washington, Maryland, just outside the nation's Capitol in Washington, DC, all of our products and colorways have stories that are based on the wonderful things that happen at Haynes house.

That includes hand dyed yarns and uncle Brian's bags, which are made by my husband. Fine. We are truly a family run business. [00:19:00] As I employ all three of my children, Jasmine , Dartanian Emmanuel who are all still living at home with me, which I greatly enjoy. I am also a writer, a graphic designer. And have never met a craft that I didn't like dying yard just came out of my love for the fiber arts and my love for color.

One of my nicknames in my house is the human color wheel. The vibrant color ways that I [00:19:30] create reflect that love of color, family and community is very important to me and I strive to create colors and products that make everyone feel welcome. All of our products and more about us can be found at

also, we can be found on yarns. We have a YouTube channel, a [00:20:00] Facebook group, and a Ravelry group at Haynes house yarns. We are family. We are fun. We are at Haynes house young.

LaLa: [00:20:11] Hey crochet family. My name is Lala. I'm the owner and designer of the Christian crochet addict. I specialize in crochet dogs as well as baby items.

As a certified crocheted master, you can come on over to my YouTube channel and learn a few tricks or tips. You can also purchase some of my paid patterns. [00:20:30] They're available on my website, as well as my Etsy shop. I am also an author. I have a book called Sunshine's candle trusted. It's about a little girl who does not like her natural hair.

You want to visit me? You want to know more about my company? Tell, going down and visit me at the Christian crochet at exact com via you can navigate through all my social media and hang out with yours. Truly. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

[00:21:00] Lisa: [00:21:22] There are times when a sewing pattern can make your sewing harder rather than easier. [00:21:30] I like to sometimes so vintage patterns, but I find the frame for the women, even if they are in my size, the size from the 1940s and fifties. Still really tiny, even if it's the same size, it says on the pattern. So I have to go through adjustments and all of these other changes to get them to fit properly.

Similarly, if I wanted to make a pair of leggings or something like that, I'm going to have to make adjustments for my booty blessings [00:22:00] in order for that pattern to fit properly. This is a problem that the two pattern designers that are featured next have resolved. I am talking specifically about the patterns designed by new vintage lady, as well as the patterns and circled templates by.

K C G customs. these two ladies have created sewing patterns that are innovative and fashion [00:22:30] forward. And inclusive of the variety and diversity of body shapes. So stay tuned and hear what they have to say about their work.

Shelley: [00:22:43] Hello. My name is Shelley. I am the owner and founder of new vintage lady, which is a vintage sewing pattern line from roughly the 1930s to the 1940s that specializes in exclusively [00:23:00] plus sized patterns. So my patents are four sizes, 40 inch bust, two 60 and spot. I redraft all my patterns to accommodate a larger frame.

And I've been doing it since 2007. Thank you.

Karen: [00:23:20] Hey, all designers. It's Karen of Karen, Gwen customs. I am the owner and designer for my sewing pattern line. KJC self-taught selling patterns. My patterns are modern beginner [00:23:30] friendly and super easy to use. They're offered as PDF downloads and occasionally physical copies as well. Yeah. They feature full color instructions and detailed YouTube videos on how to use them and how to hack them into different styles from formal wear like mermaid gowns to casual wear like leggings.

There's a pattern for everyone. I also offer sewing tools, such as circle, skirt templates to take all the thinking and math out of creating skirts and gown, trains, and planners. To help you organize your selling journey. Be sure to check them out on my Etsy store. [00:24:00] Glen customs. Follow me on Instagram at KJC sewing patterns and join my Facebook sewing group.

KJC sewing patterns.

Lisa: [00:24:10] Fabric is the lifeblood of sowing. And we are so happy to be able to close out this episode with five that's right, five black women own fabric businesses, African fabric stretch, African fabric, custom fabric fabric in 200 shades of skin color. [00:24:30] And these are black women owned businesses and listen to their story right now, including the story of that super special breakout hit of 2020 that black magic leopard.

Jacqueline: [00:24:51] Have you ever had an endorphin rush when you see new wet Springs fabrics? Now imagine getting that feeling monthly or every two miles with a box [00:25:00] sent to you full of African fabrics, head wraps, and more that feeding is why I decided to curate an African print subscription box and select only the best prints for you.

Hi, I'm Jacqueline founder of wax and wraps. And I am a self-professed serial entrepreneur. I started different businesses as I struggled to gain jobs and promotions in my fashion career. As an industry designer, working for international brands and retailers for nearly 20 years. Drew the 2020 pandemic. I [00:25:30] decided to launch a product based business, introducing creatives to Africa's, a fashion and textile industry.

Why? Because I love African fashion have worked in Africa for 10 years and want to have some serious fun. Well, I enjoy to another creative person's life. You see our boxes offer more than just white sprint or Ankara, but also introduces new fabrics coming from Africa, made by artisans to your letter box monthly.

So whether you will be selecting their soleus box full of printers. So in kits or the [00:26:00] stylist box filled of head wraps, headbands or night bunnies, you will receive an array of. Fabrics from different African countries. For me, whites interacts with the opportunity to share the love I have for Africa bill every 10 years to share with my creatives out there, the many creators out there about the cross and tennis around Africa, and to bring trait Africa, because this Brisbane is.

Brings this being this business is bringing trade for fabric makers and enables them to continue support in their families. [00:26:30] But this is not charity. This is simply using the empowering opportunity of trade and business to create change. I know whilst we together investing in African craft textiles and manufacturing and skills, you're also getting a beautiful piece of fun to add to your life month after month for my friends in Africa.

To me, sent on to you. Enjoy wax and wraps.

Natasha: [00:26:56] Hi Natasha Clute. Here I am a seamstress and [00:27:00] designer of the brand Tosh, which offers custom apparel design services. I am also a fabric colorist specializing in skin tone shades in a variety of fabrics and notions. I've sewn since I was really young, but professionally since 2004, the journey into custom dining products started in 2017.

When I decided that I was done internet searching for skin tone options online, the [00:27:30] exploration of dying has currently produced. 200 skin tone color options. The shades range from the lightest of skin tone shades to the richest of Brown shades, you can visit my design or the skin tone product website at

Serwaa: [00:27:56] Hi there. My name is Serwaa Owusu-Sekyere . I'm originally from Ghana, [00:28:00] West Africa and my business is Wax Prints Laces and More. I specialize in anything African, African fabrics from Ghana. I do have African print pants. I have ready to wear outfits. I really do love my business and I'm just passionate about it. If you want anything unique, if it's African print, please check me out.

Wax Prints Laces and More those store is my website. Again, it's wax prints, laces, and more those store I'm on [00:28:30] Instagram as widespread as places anymore. Thank you. Bye-bye.

Danielle: [00:28:37] Hello. So my name is Danielle Pierce and I am founder of African stretch fabrics as a swimwear designer. I wanted to create collections that celebrate my culture, my history, my heritage, but. Finding traditional African prints in swimwear fabric was pretty much impossible. So after talking to other makers and designers [00:29:00] in the sewing community, I found out that I wasn't the only one who was seeking these types of fabrics.

So I started African stretch fabrics. The goal is to bridge the gap between traditional textiles and modern applications. So creating fabric that speaks to the needs of this new generation of makers. It's very important to me.

Queenora: [00:29:23] You've heard of black Friday, right? Well, are you ready for Black-ER Friday?

I know we are.[00:29:30] Here at Queenora Renee Fabrics, we have pulled all available yardage from all the designs we featured this year in 2020. And they're just waiting for you to purchase starting Friday, November 27th. We'll have multiple designs available in limited yardage and a few of our panel designs to come check out the designs from our anime Juneteenth inspired African print holiday, and our best seller this [00:30:00] year, black magic leopard print rounds.

This is going to be your last chance to get this fabric in 2020. So don't miss out. Come join the Facebook group or follow us on Instagram and Pinterest to get a peek into what fabrics will be available. Okay,

[00:30:30] Lisa: [00:30:32] thank you all for joining us for today's special episode of the stitch, please podcast. Blacker Friday 2020. I am glad that this episode was even more fun-filled than our first episode. Last year. Please remember these businesses. And if you are listening to the podcast on a site that allows you to look at the show notes, there are lots and lots of information there.

I have included. All of [00:31:00] their links and social media. So you can find them on Instagram. You can find their websites to shop and support these businesses to help them get into the black similarly. if you'd like to continue to support black women stitch beyond listening to the podcast, please subscribe to the podcast and rate and review it.

And if you want to support the black woman Satish project financially, you can do so. With a short-term one time donation at our PayPal at [00:31:30] or you can make more sustained support for the project by contributing to us every month through our Patrion and there for as little as $2 a month.

So you can give more or you can give less. Every month, I make some special treat just for Patreon subscribers. and this also includes video footage of episodes, like Tobiah Mundt. the episodes with the Burrell sisters, as well as [00:32:00] upcoming episodes with really fun people. So, if you want to support the podcast and maybe even get some swatch cards, all of those are available for Patreon supporters at any level of monthly support.

Thanks again, have a wonderful start to your shopping season, and please do remember to support these black women owned businesses so we can put the black. In black Friday and make it Blacker Friday. Thank you for listening. [00:32:30]

Hosted by Lisa Woolfork

Lisa is a fourth-generation sewing enthusiast who learned to sew while earning a PhD in African American literature and culture. She has been sewing for more than twenty years while also teaching, researching, and publishing in Black American literature and culture.

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