Black Women Stitch (BWS) is a legacy project that celebrates Black women, girls, and femmes in sewing through an online presence, in-person activations, and the award-winning Stitch Please Podcast.


BWS seeks to raise $50,000 by August 31 to support the founder, Lisa Woolfork, as she relocates to complete two books and produce the Stitch Please podcast on the road.


Stitch Please, the official show of Black Women Stitch, dives deep into the vibrant world of sewing. Uniquely crafted for those who love sewing, this podcast is a gem that centers Black women, girls, and femmes, weaving threads of creativity, technique, and passion with every episode. Black Women Stitch is the sewing group where Black lives matter.


After facing racial discrimination in traditionally white sewing circles, Lisa Woolfork, professor and racial justice organizer, founded BWS as a digital space for Black flourishing. In 2019, she created Stitch Please, a weekly audio show centering Black women, girls, and femmes in sewing. The award-winning podcast is heard in 83% of the world’s countries.

Awards and Recognition
  • 2024 – The Ambies, Best DIY Podcast (Winner)
  • 2024 – Communicator Awards, Best Arts Podcast (Winner)
  • 2023 – Anthem Awards (Bronze), Community Space (Winner)
  • 2023 – Black Podcasting Awards, Best Blerd Podcast (Winner)
  • 2023 – Black Podcasting Awards, Best Arts Podcast (Nominee)
  • 2023 – Signal Awards (Silver), Best Hobby Podcast (Winner)
  • 2023 – Sonic Bloom Awards, Best Intro In Podcasting (Winner)
  • 2023 – The Ambies, Best DIY Podcast (Nominee)
  • 2023 – The Podcast Awards, People’s Choice Games & Hobbies
  • (Nominee)

The funds will optimize opportunities for BWS, amplify its current success, provide essential infrastructure improvements, and support new roles. Lisa could release some responsibility for the podcast to talented people who love it as much as she does. We are grateful for the dedicated team of volunteers and slim but steady Patreon donations that have sustained BWS thus far, but additional support is now crucial.


Thank you for donating to Black Women Stitch and the Stitch Please podcast! With your support, BWS will continue to connect Black women and girls to their crafting legacy and cultural birthright, fostering an empowering community grounded in Black liberation, radical self-love, and social justice.

Podcast Reviews

“This is my favorite sewing podcast. Dr.

Woolfork is so warm, witty, and

scholarly too! She is so kind to her

guests. She reminds me to lift other

people up, and lift myself up too. I love

having her in my ear but I wish I could

sew with her in real life.” ClaireSews

“What a delight! This podcast has been such a gold mine, and I’ve been enjoying working through their many high quality episodes as I sew. It combines interesting guests with high quality sewing knowledge and an easy, conversational flow that makes it perfect for an evening listen. I love learning about Black history and present day contributions to the world of fiber arts.” Marfedora

“I’ve listened to this podcast since 2020 and I love it. The information and interviews are so informative and I always learn something. I’ve told a number of women about the show and they enjoy it as much as I do. More importantly, I love that she focuses on women of color by creating a community for us and highlights black owned businesses. I’ve also met Lisa and she is so friendly and approachable!” p//

Working with volunteers
testimonial praising the podcast and lisa
testimonial praising the podcast and lisa

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